IMBRA (The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act) Must be Repealed

Posted on October 30, 2007


IMBRA (International Marriage Broker Regulation Act) is an American law signed in 2006 by the mangina George W Bush that says that US males have no right to meet foreign women and must be regulated. It says that any US citizen using a dating service where less than 50%  of the opposite sex members are Americans, must be background checked, to include a sex offender check, and the foreign citizen must review the American’s personal details and make a written decision as to whether that American should be allowed to communicate with them.

It was challenged by some dating agencies that quickly realized the law would help them present fake profiles of women who weren’t really interested in meeting Americans. They deliberately blew their cases, but not before the law firm Sarkin Pinales committed legal malpractice by arguing (against their plaintiff clients)  “the Supreme Court has never found that there is a fundamental liberty interest in Americans contacting foreigners for relationships.” A White Knight Republican Judge, Thomas Rose of Ohio’s 6th District, used those exact words to uphold IMBRA (at least until an honest plaintiff and an honest law firm challenge IMBRA for real).

Nobody is really complying with IMBRA, however it is being used by dishonest marriage agencies to maintain a large number of 18-22 year old women on their websites who don’t exist as presented (the photos are 5 years old and the women are long since married) or the women are dating local men and aren’t interested in meeting Americans.

IMBRA (part of the outrageous VAWA law that keeps losing in court when challenged) was promoted by the radical feminist Tahirih Justice Center and the corrupt wife beater Democrat Congressman Jim Moran. The mangina Republican Senator Sam Brownback made a deal in the fall of 2005 with the radical feminist spinster Senator Maria Cantwell saying that he would convince his GOP colleagues to stab all American males in the back in exchange for Cantwell not filibustering the religious Alito’s nomination as a justice of the US Supreme Court.

This issue is part of the Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) and can be read about here:

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