Conservative Media Condemning “Liberal” Wedding Announcement In New York Times for Wrong Reason

Posted on December 20, 2010


Conservative media types are outraged about this wedding announcement in the New York Beta Times. They keep pointing out that the ultra liberal newspaper seems to be condoning the fact that the happy couple were both married with children when they met.

Well…OK…but the first thing I noticed about this strange romance was something else entirely:

1) John Partilla is a good looking guy making at least $200K per year. He could date college students. So what’s with the idea about wanting a cougar his own age for a wife? Oh that’s right. Both Liberal and Social Conservative American men allow themselves to be socialized into thinking they have to date and marry their own age. Check.

2) Any man in John Partilla’s income bracket would be foolish to get married at all under the current anti-male American Marriage 2.0 (Divorce 2.0) legal system.

The article doesn’t say how much Partilla is going to have to pay per month in stealth alimony (whoops, I meant “Child Support”) to the wife he abandoned while one assumes that his new wife will NOT have to pay anything per month to the husband she abandoned.

That would be the real story.

The so-called conservative media (Fox News, Mediaite, Daily Caller) need to get on that angle.

But don’t hold your breath. These media outlets think the “male vote” either doesn’t exist or is all tied up on the Republican side because they think that US men still hate terrorists more then feminists.