Tea Party Girly-Men Joining Feminist Assault on Assange Because He Attracts Women

Posted on December 20, 2010


One would have imagined that the rock-solid foundation of conservatism would be an antipathy toward the Marxist feminist “women as victims” world-view. But it would be naive to think that all men who pretend to be “conservative” are adverse to radical feminist thoughts. Its even more naive to think that any given “conservative” woman isn’t really a closet Marxist feminist operating under a false flag. Its said that Margaret Thatcher had been prepared to give British feminists everything they wanted back in the 1980s but her male aides, thankfully, blocked her.

Many social conservative “males” pedestalize women. This type of guy almost always behaves like a “White Knight” politically. At best he will use the excuse “I have a daughter that needs to be protected” from the typical (bad) man. At worst he will be desperately sucking up to women his own age because he’s completely incapable of dating a much younger woman, which is what his DNA would be telling him to do.

This type of man believes in progressivism: the need to make new laws to “close loopholes” in the regulation of human behavior with which the world had already gotten along with just fine for 6000 years of recorded history. He wants to politically help older women shut down options for himself and other men in terms of being able to communicate with, date, touch or even look at younger women.

So, White Knight Girly-Men like the outgoing Kansas GOP Senator Sam Brownback helped pass the outrageous VAWA and IMBRA laws based on a mentally sick feminist definition of “Human Trafficking” (feminists said that foreign women who date and marry Americans do so out of desperation). Just today, a British MP grandstanded about needing to create laws to block Internet porn (seriously regulate the Internet to the point of destroying free speech). White Knighters (males in name only) are in the forefront of passing new laws all over the world making it a crime for a man to solicit sex or agree with a police decoy to walk toward a bedroom.

Regarding the case of Julian Assange and the fake rape accusations, it should be self-evident to any real male that, whether or not one wants the Wikileaks founder shot at sunrise for endangering anti-terrorist efforts in Afghanistan, he needs to be immediately cleared of a radical feminist attempt to claim that it’s “rape” for a man not to go get an HIV test when two women realize that he was cheating on them.

As anti-social and inarticulate as Julian Assange appears to be (we can only wish that he had the kind of witty personality depicted in this Saturday Night Live comedy sketch), we can’t fault him for the fact that he’s apparently an Alpha male (the sullen, borish and brusque type) with whom sluts want to abandon their boyfriends for because he’s famous.

It seems that the younger of the two false rape accusers had a boyfriend all along and this Swedish girly-man (an oxymoron), who should have kicked her to the curb when he heard she’d slept with Assange,  is now telling the world that “my girlfriend never has sex without a condom”). How are we supposed to process that pathetic statement from a cuckolded “boyfriend” compared to the fact that, after sex, this girlfriend bought Assange breakfast and a train ticket for him back to Stockholm and then tried to call him for another date?

A famous American “reporter” says that Assange “stole his girlfriend” right out from under his nose at the Beirut Restaurant in Stockholm around the time that Assange was bedding the two willing “rape” accusers. Gawker notes that this girly-man American “journalist” thinks one should blame Assange instead of the slutty girlfriend for the fact that the woman left the restaurant holding hands with Assange and didn’t show up back at the hotel to spend the night with him (the “journalist”). Gawker says that this is probably John Burns of the radical feminist New York Beta Times (Beta is defined as “pertaining to men who don’t do well with women sexually”).

And yet, according to “conservative” news outlets like the British “Daily Mail” we’re supposed to believe that Assange is a “bad guy” for the fact that a slut left the side of an American wimp in order to have a one night stand with him?

I want to take lessons from Julian Assange…not because I want to be promiscuous like him but because I don’t quite attract women like he does and would like to. Most men would like to have this power.

Its depressing to learn just how much some women care about a man being “famous”. This should be the real issue being discussed around the Assange “sex scandal”.

Now here’s the point of this post: Why would any American Tea Party voter, who hates big government, agree even a little that Julian Assange needs to be persecuted for his private life? All evidence suggests that the false rape accusations were made because Assange refused to get an AIDS test under threat that the women would go to the police if he didn’t. An Alpha male is being accused of being promiscuous.

Tea Party members (referring to US politics, not any British tea lovers) need to keep any social conservative proclivities out of their politics (especially regarding the heterosexual behavior of males). They should remember that Christine O”Donnell was rejected by the male voters of Delaware for not representing the small government Tea Party ideals that another candidate would have gotten their votes for.

The Tea Party trend will burn out or split if the new GOP women Congressman and Senators side with the NOW feminists on any issue, especially the outrageous iVAWA (International Violence Against Women Act) that would finance foreign feminist organizations at a huge expense to the US taxpayer.

Warning: Keep feminism out of the Tea Party or lose the male vote.

Update: Douglas McNabb of the law firm McNabb Ferrari needs to get a pair and ponder what sort of world we’d be living in if a pair of radical feminists could make such an obviously bogus accusation of rape and force entire countries to manhandle and transport a male who is innocent of those charges (where all evidence says they would have been OK with the man just getting an HIV test for having seduced them both).