Victoria Secret Star Jess Hart Warns Men “I’m Out of Your League” – For About 2 More Years Tops

Posted on December 21, 2010


Jess Hart, a skinny Australian model with a gap in her teeth, just made a seemingly obnoxious feminist statement in the gossip website Popeater, saying that men should not make the first move in approaching women who are (ahem) as beautiful as she is.

Miss Hart said that women like her will make the first move if they are interested.

Update: she’s quickly apologized for this statement, saying she’d been talking in jest to the interviewer and so we’ll assume she instinctively knows the following is true:

First of all, women almost never make the first move no matter how feminist they’ve been raised. A woman who would say “Don’t approach me, I’ll approach you” is lying as a way to justify, in advance, that she will be monstrously rude to any male who approaches her who isn’t “Alpha” and who also doesn’t fit a dozen criteria all at once.

Second of all, someone like Jess Hart, no matter how nice or rude she is to men, has only about 2 years before she hits something called “the Wall”. That’s when reduced biological fertility will be reflected in changes in her body and face that will cause a sharp drop-off in interest from men who don’t already love her for her personality and years of loyalty to them.

In languages besides English where feminism has forced men to call all females over 18 “women”, the “Wall” is when men will stop thinking of her as a “girl” (someone younger than 28) and start thinking of her as a “woman”.

Within two years, most top models’ standards will fall down to Earth because they will have no choice, unless the model is living in a mangina culture where men over 28 allow themselves to be socialized into not desiring and/or not approaching women younger than 25. In that case, she has about 4 more years before she notices that there’s a sharp drop-off in interest for her (if she were living in Russia, this 24 year old model would already know that she’s considered to be over-the-hill).

I remember when Brooke Shields wrote a book 30 years ago where she said that men shouldn’t dare try to approach her. She’d be lucky if anyone  approached her for an autograph these days.

Society shouldn’t teach temporarily beautiful young women to think myopically.