Tea Party Congress Must Stop the Radical Feminist iVAWA – International Violence Against Women Act

Posted on December 23, 2010


I’m assuming that the US Congress has gone home and won’t pass the radical feminist iVAWA on the 23rd of December, 2010 (International Violence Against Women Act) which would send our taxpayer money to fund Marxist feminist organizations in other countries. It was disturbing enough that the mangina Democrat Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved iVAWA for a Senate vote on December 14th, 2010.

This Congress did a good last minute job in keeping relations with Russia in good order by approving the START Treaty (Russia is not our enemy, terrorists and feminists are). It was good that a fund was finally opened for the 9-11 Responders who were so badly exposed to asbestos and other toxins. It was probably a very good idea to give the FDA more power to keep toxic substances out of our food (how about banning hormone use in livestock). But now its time for the 111th Congress to GO HOME.

But what about the new Tea Party Congress in January? Will all those new Republican women get seduced by the radical feminist NOW (National Organization claiming to represent Women) and be “bipartisan” by passing the monstrous iVAWA in January? Do Boehner and McCain know that male voters want them to oppose iVAWA?

Before we let the new Congress mindlessly support this in a “Bipartisan Fashion”, Tea Party people need to read Phyllis Schafly’s Eagle Forum article “The Feminist Left is Going Global With Our Money”.

Phyllis Schlafly does a much better job explaining iVAWA then I or other MRAs can.The gist is that iVAWA will allow the USA to fund radical feminist groups in other countries (Marxists in other countries).

A simple Google search will show that the regular VAWA law has spawned an entire Men’s Rights Movement (MRM).

One of the uglier elements of VAWA is IMBRA, the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act, that forces American men to be background checked before being allowed to communicate with foreign women (and forces foreign women to sign an affidavit that they read a man’s background check before allowing her to communicate with him).

IMBRA’s totalitarianism has single-handedly turned normally pro-feminist American men into fierce resisters of feminism. Feminists have the corrupt Tahirih Justice Center to thank for creating so many new enemies who will eventually roll back many radical feminist “breakthroughs” that otherwise might not have been opposed.

Because IMBRA is so obviously an attempt by older US women to block competition from attractive young foreign women, men are finally realizing that all organized feminism is a zero sum game where most men get the shaft and nothing is about “equality”.

iVAWA doesn’t care about foreign men at all. Why isn’t it called the International Violence Against Men Act? After all, general violence against men is statistically a much bigger problem around the world than domestic violence against women (which is only the excuse for a law that will fund foreign abortions and anti-male lawmaking and Marxism).

Conservative women…if for no other reason, should oppose iVAWA because it will extend the American pro-abortion agenda to other countries…with our tax dollars.

But one should stick up for men’s rights for a change, including the foreign men who oppose iVAWA, and oppose all one-sided radical feminist legislation.

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