Arizona Massacre Shooter Jared Loughner was Tackled by a White Male Heterosexual Veteran

Posted on January 10, 2011


Colonel Bill Badger, a 74 year old military retiree, was the one who tackled the Arizona massacre shooter Jared Loughner on Saturday morning in Tucson. It’s thanks to Bill Badger that another 6 people weren’t killed.

If the killer, Jared, were a veteran instead of someone who was rejected by the US Army, the cowardly US media would have mentioned this prominently.

But the idea that the man who saved others from this massacre was a veteran?

You will find little about this in the cowardly US media.

All the media is talking about the “hero woman” who pushed the Glock magazine away from the killer after the 74 year old vet tackled him and sat on him with another man.

They’ve immortalized the heroism of the gay intern who performed first aid on Congresswoman Giffords (a good man for doing that).

But keep searching for information on the heterosexual white male veteran who jumped the killer. Some obscure conservative blog or two might actually report on this.

Meanwhile, it’s disconcerting how the US media is acting like “one more such massacre and we have to take your freedoms away people.” They are immersing us in rhetoric designed to prepare us for their kind of world.

Update: It seems that the sheriff on the case is a progressive liberal who wants to politicize all this himself. He says “there’s one party trying to block the other party from doing great things for the country.” What the Hell? The bodies aren’t even buried and he’s politicking (grandstanding).

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