Feminist Film Making Continues Unabated Thanks to Lifetime TV for Cougars

Posted on January 10, 2011


Over the Christmas holidays I watched a number of new American Christmas films with friends who’d downloaded translated versions one way or another. I was disappointed to see that anti-male propaganda or propaganda that does not fit the interest of males over 25 is still getting financed, and the main culprits seem to be product sponsors of Lifetime Television in the US.

This is not good because anti-male Lifetime TV movies get distributed to the women of other countries, at least in the form of free pirate versions. They can establish “norms” that replace more pro-male norms.

The least offensive film I saw was “A Nanny for Christmas”. This was about an early-30s US career woman who’d just lost her job in advertising and then, to pay the bills, took a job as the nanny of an older woman who owned another ad agency. She likes a man working in that ad agency and she spends the entire film lying to him about working as a “consultant” for the agency because she mistakenly thinks that males actually care that women be their corporate “equals” when it comes to falling in love or lust, etc. This premise was offensive. Nobody in their right mind would believe it to be necessary for an attractive woman to lie to a man about her job being better than it is really is.

But I give “A Nanny for Christmas” a thumbs up anyway. They chose a believably attractive actress and a love interest who was older than she was (although the actor in this film is probably dating women ten years younger than she is).

Another film I saw was “Grifters” (apparently from the 1990s). This film was so boring that I constantly sped my way through it and it took only 40 minutes to watch it. What bothered me most is that they cast fifty-something Annette Benning as some sort of sexually attractive young woman whom the early 30s main character, played by John Cusack, couldn’t get enough of in bed. There was one unbelievable scene that was like watching someone scratch a blackboard with their fingernails: after a first dinner date, the Annette character phones the guy via the hotel phone and says he should open his door. There she is standing completely naked looking no younger than 50 and this young 30s guy just goes wild with lust as they go at it. Just as bad: at the end of the film, the 60 year old woman who plays his mini-skirted mother, seduces him into a kiss (he’s supposed to have been attracted to her because she wore a mini-skirt) before accidentally killing him with a smashed drinking glass (yeah, I just told you the ending to this bad film – sue me).

The whole secret message of “Grifters” is that women over 50 are sexy. Sure, some are (and Angelica Huston normally counts among them), but the women were not attractive in this film and it has the effect of being bland cougar propaganda. I wish I could get back the 40 minutes of my life that I wasted seeing this nonsense.

Another offensive film I wasted time on was “12 Men of Christmas” (2009). This is the story of a harpy 40 something New York City ad agency executive cougar EJ Baxter who is dating a man 15 years younger than she is. When she catches her late 30s female boss fooling around with her boy toy, she gets so angry that she gets fired and blackballed in the industry in NY. The producers of this film actually expects the audience to sympathize with the idea that no other woman should have messed with EJ’s boy toy who, it is assumed, might have married her (like right).

Anyway, EJ goes off for a year to work in Montana where she’s suddenly surrounded by dozens of hunks. She quickly gets a new boy toy, a Playgirl type of hunk about 20 years younger than she is.

Styled after “Pride and Prejudice”, EJ and another early 30s hunk square off as “enemies” until they finally fall in love. The most disgusting scene is when the young hunk finally admits his feelings for the aging cougar “I wanted to hate you for your arrogance and brashness but I love that about you instead” (I wanted to hate you for your feminism but I love that about you instead). In the end they are together. In real life, you KNOW the actor is sleeping with women under 25. This film is just one big dumb cougar fantasy. In real life no young Montana man wants to marry a 40 something Manhattan feminist. No way. No how.

The worst film I saw was “The Nanny Diaries” (2007). This is a story of a 20 year old New Jersey woman who, against the wishes of her feminist mother, takes a job as a nanny on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The female employer is a shrew who cares more about her work than her kids, but as in “A Nanny for Christmas,” the nanny will melt the shrew’s heart and change her ways by the end of the film. In this film, the husband/father is a nasty womanizer. When the husband, probably an interesting an attractive guy in real life, makes a small move on the nanny near the end of the film, the nanny is mortified and then fired by the mother as if she was guilty of something (the husband is shown as a weakling, allowing the wife to fire the attractive young woman when a real man would have the final say in such matters). The females get solidarity in the end as the mother divorces the father and keeps the child and the expensive apartment (anti-male alimony and child support laws upheld by Hollywood). The girl (played by Scarlett Johannsen) continues a romance with a Harvard guy her own age.

I found “The Nanny Diaries” to be the most undeserving of any male’s money because of its negative portrayal of the husband. In real life, a rich alpha male husband with personality and good looks would be able to become friends with his nanny and, if he really knew what he was doing and wanted to make a move, there’d be a good chance of sexual contact. A male audience would have wanted to see an affair between the husband and the nanny.

The female solidarity nonsense just doesn’t play to a male audience. There isn’t that much female solidarity in real life except maybe in seriously feminist societies like Manhattan. In any case most New York City nannies would be European women, not feminists from New Jersey.

What man would want their kids raised by one of those?