Teddy Wayne, Male Feminist, and His Mail Order Bride Propaganda at BusinessWeek

Posted on January 13, 2011


Feminists who want to regulate male behavior (nobody who calls herself a feminist these days wants equality) are not the problem for males. We all know that the fundamental drive for feminists is to stop men from dating younger women and the “Mail Order Bride” industry is the #1 thorn in their side (despite the fact that it is collapsing).

If all males could just stick up for their own interests (and those of non-feminist women) everything would be fine.

The real problem is that males want to be manginas, also known as White Knighters, in order to further their careers in the main stream media by flattering insecure older women like Maura Kelly who blogs at Marie Claire.

This week, the “writer” Teddy Wayne, whom feminist Maura Kelly calls one of the 3 sexiest writers alive, wrote an unresearched and biased article “Mail Order Bride Business Thriving” – a left wing rant that actually got published in Michael Bloomberg’s BusinessWeek and got picked up by the MSNBC website. Do a Google search for BusinessWeek and Mail Order Brides and you will find the propaganda. I won’t link to it and give it more points at Google.

In the article Teddy mischaracterizes the so-called “Mail Order Bride Industry”, which is collapsing rather than thriving, upholds the IMBRA law as something that isn’t controversial when IMBRA needs to be challenged now, implies that men who date foreign women are more dangerous than otherwise (when 999.7 out of the 1000 bride murders per year in the USA do not involve a mail order bride) and basically ridicules American men who date foreign women as well as those who have a problem with “feminism” which this asshole puts in parentheses as if it isn’t a controversial ideology that long ago swerved away from seeking equality.

It isn’t even radical feminist supporting manginas like Teddy Wayne that are the problem. Its those who pay him to propagate anti-male feminist bilge via the main stream media.

The problem lies with billionaire manginas like Michael Bloomberg who shouldn’t allow anti-male propaganda to be published as “journalism”. The problem lies with billionaire manginas Ted Turner and Rupert Murdoch as well.

Why does misandrist crap still get published in the major media?

Don’t the billionaires understand that the male voters/consumers realize the media isn’t partial to their interests?

I noted above that the mail order bride industry is collapsing. This is because foreign women are turning more to Facebook and other social media to meet American men for free. It is also because many “Mail Order Bride” agencies are criminal operations, but dangerous to the men’s wallets only (not dangerous because the American men are violent). They are all trying to trick men into paying hundreds of dollars before getting the personal contact information of women and they are often pretending that IMBRA is the reason why they can’t give out a woman’s real contact information (a lie because IMBRA says a woman cannot even read an American’s first letter without signing an affidavit that it is OK to exchange personal contact information – yes, it is a worthless law to anyone with a brain).

Teddy chose an unknown dating agency called Hand in Hand to get outrageous marketing quotes from (about how men are supposedly looking for subservience instead of good looks) and he used this to somehow smear American men for wanting to meet foreign women. Of course, to male feminists, any man who doesn’t want a feminist is, by definition, someone who wants someone “subservient”. There is no reasoning with a feminist.

The idea that IMBRA was passed because of “famous murders” is known to be just spin. It was passed because the feminist lobby wanted men to be regulated on all online dating websites and Sam Brownback sold men out on this in order to get Maria Cantwell to not filibuster the nomination of Sam Alito to the Supreme Court in 2005.

In reality, of the 1000 murders of spouses and significant others that the FBI reports each year, less than 1 is a woman who met her husband/boyfriend via a “Mail Order Bride” agency. The statistic is about 0.33 meaning that 1 “Mail Order Bride” is killed in the USA every three years.

And when this 1 mail order bride is killed every 3 years compared to the 2,999 “regular women”, you can bet that all the feminist organizations and “men” like Teddy Wayne will jump to conclusions and write more propaganda.

They have to. As they age, they look with horror on men their age dating beautiful younger women. They need to lash out (and Teddy Wayne needs to at least pretend he’s attracted to them so he’ll get more writing work).

And they need to try to make laws to stop men from doing what they want to do.