Is the IMF’s Strauss-Kahn a Victim of a False Rape Accusation?

Posted on May 17, 2011


Too many American conservative males are quick to assume (want to believe) that a liberal Jewish banker in charge of the IMF is also a rapist.  Odds are they may be correct in this case. Here is one commenter who makes sense:

The maid is from Guinea in West Africa is nice, quiet never in trouble – worked at Sofitel 3 years – single mother 2 kids. Very unlikely she is a plant.

DSK is a known lech [Editor: This American White Knighter wants to hate on older men who like younger women]. For him to get hooker, would be very risky. NYC madames have lists, write books, and extort politicians (also end up suicided). A street hooker is very risky with reporters-cameras everywhere. DSK is living in fishbowl.

So he accosts the most defenseless women around him… hotel maids and waitresses [Editor: The word “defenseless” is unnecessary if you’re talking about the natural tendency of alpha males to want to seduce women around them] etc. He’s a seducer – probably waves a few hundred $$ around – probably has had many maids. [Editor: Nothing wrong with that as long as it was not on US taxpayer money]

This time around DSK, hopped up on blue pills and went overboard, tried to throw the maid a few $ c-notes to make her stop crying. never expected a young black hotel maid to have principals and integrity. His mistake.

There is the possibility that “someone” recruited a maid for big $$$$ to perform the part of a lifetime, smashing her knee on the floor and bleeding. Its unlikely. DSK is an arrogant exploiter of nations and of people – real scumbag. [Editor: Agreed if “exploiter” refers only to raping women as opposed to paying them which is a private matter between him and them]

The French on Twitter are circulating a photo of the alleged victim and she is quite good looking. Inmalafide is circulating a photo of another woman said to be the alleged victim. She is also very good looking.

Now I’ve read the reports that DSK (Strauss-Kahn) just happened to be an out of control type of guy. But there are too many reasons to believe that powerful forces (on the political right that I normally support) would want to set this guy up. And I’m not even saying it’s wrong to set up socialist demagogues either – just don’t strengthen feminism by using false rape charges to do it.

Just like I support Assange against his obviously fake rape charges despite disagreeing with Assange’s politics, I think American conservative males (who otherwise dislike the IMF) ought to keep their eyes peeled for signs that DSK might be getting railroaded on a fake rape charge.

The feminist media in the USA won’t discuss the possibility that the hotel maid might be lying for some reason. I think a million bucks in a Swiss bank account might be a good reason.

Also, isn’t this a he-said, she-said case so far? Why would one take a woman’s word over a man’s word?

How did he get out of the hotel after allegedly raping a woman? Wouldn’t she have immediately reported a rape to security? Where are the security video tapes of everyone coming and going?

I can see why he wouldn’t want to admit to even a consensual fling because he’s married and was about to campaign for President of France.

And, if the media is discussing the concept that DSK was a lothario with women, why is it supposed to be off-bounds to discuss the maid’s reputation?

It’s pathetic that we’ll have to use Twitter search to read up on the alleged victim while the American feminist media refuses to report on what everyone wants to read about. It will make her case to show her as unlikely to have been bribed by DSK’s enemies.

It may well turn out that this guy is bad news and did what the maid apparently says he did (if she banged up her knee and it was bleeding, that doesn’t look good for him). But it better not just be because her word was believed over his. That reduces males to second class citizens and threatens the rights of all males (it’s childish to see otherwise “conservative” males gloat in the Fox News comment sections about how a high and mighty male has just been brought to heel by a lower class female – that’s a Marxist emotion).

Finally, this is a note to DSK himself if you’re reading this: it is guys like YOU who supported feminism and made it so a woman’s word is worth more than a man’s. If you don’t speak out against feminism now, it won’t matter if the accusations against you are fake. You would have still done this to yourself.

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