Men’s Rights Blog (MRA Blog) Looking Toward the 2012 Election in the USA

Subscribe to this blog to see the latest news from the politically incorrect angle of various never-married men’s rights advocates (MRAs) who astonishingly believe that men should date women younger than they are. Some themes would be:

Older women use media and legislatures to try to cock-block men who want to date younger women.

Marriage in the US is now a mistake for men because of feminist laws.

Ridiculously high child support in the US is mostly stealth alimony and keeps smart men from marrying or having kids at all.

Hype about and fake definitions of “human trafficking” has caused vicious feminist laws like IMBRA, which forces all US males to be background checked before being allowed to communicate via dating sites online with foreign women. It’s also causing mangina cultures to adopt laws criminalizing males for paying for sexual activity while females are regarded as innocent victims of patriarchal oppression.

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