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Teddy Wayne, Male Feminist, and His Mail Order Bride Propaganda at BusinessWeek

January 13, 2011


Feminists who want to regulate male behavior (nobody who calls herself a feminist these days wants equality) are not the problem for males. We all know that the fundamental drive for feminists is to stop men from dating younger women and the “Mail Order Bride” industry is the #1 thorn in their side (despite the […]

Tea Party Congress Must Stop the Radical Feminist iVAWA – International Violence Against Women Act

December 23, 2010


I’m assuming that the US Congress has gone home and won’t pass the radical feminist iVAWA on the 23rd of December, 2010 (International Violence Against Women Act) which would send our taxpayer money to fund Marxist feminist organizations in other countries. It was disturbing enough that the mangina Democrat Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved iVAWA […]

Airport Screening Hysteria: TSA Agents Just Need to Profile More & Pat Down the Unpleasant People

December 21, 2010


About a month ago, perceptive observers of American culture would have noticed something strange: so-called conservatives, who would have spent the 9 years since 9-11 calling for the strictest TSA airport screening of passengers, were suddenly led along by Fox News and other “Tea Party” media (financed by the elites) into basically declaring that people […]

Tea Party Girly-Men Joining Feminist Assault on Assange Because He Attracts Women

December 20, 2010


One would have imagined that the rock-solid foundation of conservatism would be an antipathy toward the Marxist feminist “women as victims” world-view. But it would be naive to think that all men who pretend to be “conservative” are adverse to radical feminist thoughts. Its even more naive to think that any given “conservative” woman isn’t […]

IMBRA (The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act) Must be Repealed

October 30, 2007


IMBRA (International Marriage Broker Regulation Act) is an American law signed in 2006 by the mangina George W Bush that says that US males have no right to meet foreign women and must be regulated. It says that any US citizen using a dating service where less than 50%  of the opposite sex members are […]